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who are we

We are a small group of talented bot developers. We strive for excellence and the most hands free botting experience possible while keeping bans at the coveted “zero” rate.


Aioshi Bot Lite

Perfect for regular miners that want to run a small farm

✔ Automatic Alien Worlds mining

✔ Advanced anti-ban

✔ Undetected by Miners Union & Competitions

✔ Easy 5 minute setup

✔ Telegram bot updates

✔ Basic proxy support

✔ Smart login function, bypassing 2FA

✔ Access to future bots and features

Aioshi Bot Pro

Perfect for aspiring botters that want to run a large scale botting operation

✔ Everything that comes with Aioshi Bot Lite

✔ Automatic account creation and setup

✔ Automatic transfer of mined TLM and tools

✔ Advanced proxy support designed for large farms

✔ Smart login function, bypassing 2FA

✔ Automatic mine maximizer, boosting TLM profits 30-40%

✔ Early access to new Aioshi Bot features and bots

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